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Queering The Tarot with Brandon Alter and Cassandra Snow

Episode Summary

Numinous tarot reader in residence Brandon Alter talks to Cassandra Snow about her new book, Queering The Tarot ...

Episode Notes

For this week's episode, I invited our resident Tarotscopes reader Brandon Alter to interview Cassandra Snow, author of new book, Queering The Tarot. When Cassandra's reps first reached out, I knew this was a subject I wanted to cover on The Numinous. The Judeo-Christian underpinnings of the tarot have lent the practice a hetero- and cis-normativity bias that's alienating for queer readers—something that's being addressed in more modern, evolved decks.

Besides, as Cassandra writes in the intro to her book: "tarot, with its infinite capacity for reframing, reinterpretation, and retelling, is a perfect medium for sharing and exploring queer stories and experiences," and Brandon, gets deep into this subject with her in his interview.

In this episode, Brandon and Cassandra also discuss ...

-What it means to "queer" the tarot

-Rewriting the heroes journey of the major arcana for queer and other marginalized communities

-Looking at the suit of pentacles beyond the capitalist model of "wealth"

-Meeting your chosen family in the tarot

-Specific cards that can be powerfully interpreted through a queer lens

-Using the tarot for self-love and sex- and body-positivity

To discover more about Cassandra Snow and her work, visit, get your copy of Queering The Tarot, and follow her on Instagram. You can also hear more from Brandon on his podcast, The Spiritual Gayz.